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2020 MCO had hit the Filming & Event industry badly at a earlier stage. We are among the first in the industry who launch a total Virtual Solutions to the market since March 2020.

With our past experience in the Livestreaming, Multi-Camera Production, Green Screen Production, and Video Production area. We able to quickly launch several Virtual Solution Packages include:

1) LIVE Virtual Event Service. 

2) Pre-Recorded Virtual Event Service.

So far we have done many Virtual Events type include Virtual Launch, Virtual Award Ceremony, Virtual MOU Signing Ceremony, Virtual Conference,

Virtual Townhall). We can handle client from Malaysia and Overseas.

3) 2D Virtual Exhibition.

4) 3D Real-Time Walkthrough Exhibition

5) Virtual Tour for University Campus, Property & Art Gallery, Medical Centre and Corporate Company.

Visit: for detail information.


YOUNG LIVING 1st Virtual Event


NORWEX 1st Virtual Event


 Danai Wellness Virtual Listing Event 

(LIVE between Singapore & Malaysia)


   NU SKIN 1st Virtual Event Platform 2020

            (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei)

NUSkin 3.1.jpg

   Virtual Presentation between USA and Malaysia

   Axiata & Great Eastern Virtual MOU Singinging Ceremony                                  (Malaysia & Singapore)

                         (Private LIVE event in ZOOM)


   Melaleuca Malaysia 1st and 2nd Virtual Event                        


        MLAA 1st Virtual Award Ceremony

(Public LIVE Event in FB, Youtube & Website)


   GRAB & Maybank 1st Virtual Launch 

   Production in Malayisa & Singapore

         (Private LIVE event in ZOOM)


   Shangri-La Hotel 1st Virtual+Hybrid Event 

         Production in Malayisa & Singapore

     (Private LIVE event in MICROSOFT TEAM)


      Virtual Exhibition Platform (2D & 2.5D)

(Public LIVE Exhibition + Event in MICROSITE)

NUSkin 3.1.jpg

   Real Time Fully 3D Walkthrough Virtual Exhibition

                                 (DEMO Version)

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