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Event Video Sample  专业商业活动录影制作

We can provide one stop video production for any kind of Events. We are able to provide different kind of services such as:-

1) Event Highlight Production.

2) MCP Livefeed (Multi Camera Production) for Corporate Event, Concert, and Sports.

3) Interactive Livestreaming Services (with Multi Camera Production). 


我们专业与提供一站式商业活动录影制作. 我们提供不同类型的服务包括:-





Latest Event Video Sample

COWAY Event Highlight Video

PROTON x50 Event Highlight Video

GRAB Annual Donner Event Highlight Video

TIANZ Annual Award Event Highlight Video

PROTON x50 Production Line Launch

Chinese Chess Competition

PROTON x70 Re-launch 2020

International Event Video Sample

Launching Event Video Sample

Roadshow Event Video Sample

Award Dinner Event Sample

                        Outdoor Sports Event Sample

Teambuilding Event Sample Video

                     Conference Event Video Sample

                     Festival & Family Day Event Video Sample

Party Event Sample Video

Opening Ceremony Event Video Sample

Concert Event Video Sample

Annual Dinner Event Video Sample

Religious & Charity Event Video Sample

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